Budget of $1300 to $1600, best bang for buck?

  • If i had a budget of ~$1300-$1600, which would be the "best bang for buck"? Looking for a 60-60 inch this upcoming blackfriday.

    1. LG UF7700 Ultra 4k HD TV
    2. VIZIO M65-C1 65-Inch 4K Ultra HD
    3. Sony X840C
    4. Samsung JS8500 (most expensive)

  • Hello Rock,

    In order to give you a single solid choice recommendation, let's go through a process of elimination:

    Right off the bat, We'd argue that you should drop the LG UF7700 from your list. While LG is excellent at making the best 4K TVs in the world with its very pricey OLED 4K models, they sort of drop the ball with their LCD UHD TVs and the UF7700 is a particularly notable example of this. It's not a bad TV but any of the other models you mention are better performers across the board.

    The Sony X840C is a bit better than the LG model you mention but still not as good as Sony is capable of and if you're dead set on a Sony, better to either spend a bit more or sacrifice a bit of screen size and go for Sony's truly great lower-price 4K model the X850C, which is a much better model. But among the TVs you're listing here, the X840C is the second weakest choice.

    This leaves the Vizio M-Series model and the Samsung. If the best picture quality is your main goal, go for the JS8500, it's a great performer and the best of this bunch, but if you don't mind a slight loss of picture quality performance (but a still great TV) and are more worried about price then buy the Vizio M65-C1.

  • I am looking for a TV for movies, and some video games with a similar budget of $1300-1700 in Canadian dollars pre-tax. The smart TV will also be used for Netflix and to watch other streaming services. I am comparing these two models and was looking for advice.

    1. LG 60 UF7300 ~ 1599
    2. Visio 60 C3 ~ $1400

    I am also open to other options in this price range. The room has a lot of natural light and you are sitting approximately 8 feet from the TV. This unit is too replace a Sony 50 In rear projection TV that is on it's last legs.


  • I look for a small screen which has no pixels at all see-able
    I m not sure about other brands but
    I value Curved and 1200 Herz enormously
    Think also about the best or updatable codex
    and an all-round pause / slow-motion button

    I hope Samsung Support is reading this too ! - <3

  • @mabradner hello there, my apologies for the late reply, we usually respond quickly but were away from the forum in recent weeks, though we are now checking it daily.

    To answer your question in the simplest way possible, between the two TVs you mention, I'd recommend the LG UF7300 over the Vizio M60 C3 4K smart TV (I assume you're referring to the M-Series here, since you didn't specify the letter before the number 60. However I recommend it by only a slight margin.

    The LG UF7300 isn't a bad 4K TV as far as LG LCD 2015 models go and it does offer the truly superb WebOS 2.0 smart TV platform for full access to online browsing, connectivity and apps features for 4K content but it suffers in the display department. This is a crucial issue and for this particular model, contrast is very poor and so is judder. On the other hand, it's upscaling engine is very good and color gamut is decent. Motion blur control is also definitely decent.

    As for the Vizio M50-C3, it does offer superb contrast, very decent brightness and even better upscaling than the LG model but overall, it's not enormously superior to its LG counterpart, and the smart platform in the Vizio TV is nowhere near as good as LG WebOS (no web browser, though it does offer access to 4K content apps like Netflix and Amazon among others) 2.0. Thus, I'd say that if display and web connectivity are both important, the LG UF7300 is the better choice. If just display is your key metric and you really want great contrast, go with the Vizio.

    A third and truly excellent option for a price within your budget would be also be the Sony XBR55X810C. It's a bit smaller than the above but it's one truly excellent 4K TV. Here is our review of this model: http://4k.com/tv/sony-x810c-review-4k-ultra-hd-smart-tv-series-xbr55x810c-xbr65x810c/

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