Asus PB287Q or Dell P2715Q

  • Looking to upgrade a bunch of old monitors in our office. Which on would you recommend? Asus PB287Q vs. Dell P2715Q? on a budget since we need to purchase quite a few units

  • Hello there JakLegendd, we've reviewed both monitors:

    And in our view, the Dell beats out the Asus by a slight margin in terms of color quality, display contrast and, most importantly, excellent connectivity specs. Both monitors are pretty boring in terms of physical design but this shouldn't be a major problem for an office setting (though the Dell model is the more aesthetic monitor) So their specs are key, and on this, again, Dell's P2715Q 4K UHD monitor is the winner.

    However, price-wise, the Asus model is slightly cheaper at $467 vs. Dell's $504 price tag. So if budget is your main concern for a really larger order of units, for for the Asus. It should be more than good enough for any professional office setting.

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