4K OLED or LED - 65 or 75

  • Hello, hoping to get advise or opinion.

    I currently have a Toshiba 65" DLP. It's about 7 years old and the lamp is 3 years old. I would like to upgrade to 4K. I know that any 4K I buy will look great compared to what I have now but I would like to get the best value and future protection possible. I would like to stay as far under $4,000 as possible.

    This puts the Sony 75" 850C, the Samsung 75JU6500 and several other 75" TVs within reach. If I drop down to the 65" size this puts many other TVs within reach but it also puts the LG OLED 65" within my budget. I sit about 10' from the screen. I use it entirely for TV and Movies, no gaming or computer.

    So...65 vs. 75? 75 LED vs. 65 OLED? HDR vs. less cost?

    One concern I have about OLED is that LG is the only one making it. I have heard they have had some problems but the consumer ratings are still very high. If no other manufacturer makes OLED and LG gives up the technology will the future value of an OLED be suspect?

    Wife would be happier with a 65 because it would fit better in cabinet. What the hell kind of criteria is that???

    Thank you in advance. Don

  • An update to my question. I have researched the under 5,000 prices for the OLED and found that they are from companies that have mixed ratings and some comments about bait and switch so that is probably out. I doubt that I will want to go to 5K for the OLED but who knows, prices may come down. Still the basic question: size vs. $ when sitting at 10' is still something I would like opinions on. Thanks, Don

  • At 10' you want at least a 75in for there to be any noticeable difference from 1080p to 4k.

  • @DonT said:

    LG OLED 65

    Hi Don,

    Your concerns are very much valid. As @Pleasantbeing mention a 75" TV is the way to go as far as tv screen size. When it comes to technology most of the time we recommend to future proof your investment which would tilt the scale to OLED. Prices have come down substantially and now OLED technology is more affordable. If a reputable seller is your biggest concern then I would highly recommend to visit your local TV store of your preference. If price is your main drive then I would suggest to purchase your from Amazon or a similar website with high reputation and most importantly a crystal clear return and warranty policy. If you have any questions or need some assistance feel free to contact me at any time. I am the owner and project engineer at Multimedia Tech and TV installation is our specialty in the Houston area.

  • Hello DonT,

    Quite simply I'm pretty much sure that you should go for the OLED model. Which one in particular did you have in mind by the way? I'd recommend the EF9500 from late 2015 or the 2016 B6 and C6 OLED 4K models from this year in particular for price and quality. They all deliver by far the best display specs of any 4K TVs sold in the U.S right now and their only "defect" is lower peak brightness than that of some of the premium 2016 LCD HDR TVs but even in this, OLED has come a long way since 2014 and the 2016 OLEDs and the EF9500 from 2015 all deliver better peak brightness than most 2014 and 2015 LCD 4K TVs!

    As for the future of OLED, I believe that it's pretty much solid. LG may be the only major seller of the technology in TVs in the U.S but other brands like Panasonic are already releasing OLED 4K TVs in international markets and the technology is generally maturing anyhow. We can't ever be 100% sure about the future but OLED definitely looks like it's staying and it's quality in display supports this too since the technology doesn't suffer from the same weaknesses as plasma did.

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