Newbie Fresh To 4K - Getting 120hz Playback? Actual 4K Picture?

  • Hello 4K World!

    So I just upgraded my TV to the Samsung Curved UN55JU7200 (or 7500, sorry I'm not in front of the TV right now). Ok, so I tried fiddling around with the settings just to see how everything looks and everything seems pretty easy to get, but I'm having trouble with some things.

    • How do I get my TV to play TV, my blu rays, and stream content (Netflix) to play at 120hz? I also am under the impression that my TV is capable of 240hz playback as well. I tried watching Avatar on blu-ray and thought it looked great, but I know it wasn't playing super smooth the way that 120hz playback is supposed to look. I want to know what to do in order to get this playback.

    Background: I have both a PS4 and XBox One, I used the PS4 to play the Avatar blu-ray. I also tried watching House of Cards on both the TV itself and my XBox One, and it's my understanding that House of Cards on Netflix does play at 4K. But when I hit the Info button, it was showing (both when playing back on the XBox One and from Netflix via the TV itself) that the playback was at 1080p/60hz. I also have an external hard drive that I connect to my XBox One as a Media player and I do have movies on there that are at 1080p, so would you recommend me to play it through the XBox or just connect it directly to TV for a better picture? Is that even necessary?

    So, what can I do in order to actually enjoy some 4K quality picture? I thought I'd be getting it for sure when I was streaming House of Cards off Netflix from the TV directly.

    -Are my videogame consoles capable of playing my blu-rays back on this TV at 120/240 hz? If so, how do I set this up? I looked at the settings on both consoles and my TV and no luck with regards on playback at those rates.

    • I also have DirecTV connected to the TV via HDMI and I'm aware that they have 4K programming available too, but I haven't been able to see any of that yet. I don't know where to access it.

    AUDIO: I have a Vizio SB4051 Soundbar. It has an Audio Out connection (the cord color is Orange) that I am under the impression that I can connect to the back of my TV and then I will get surround sound for whatever audio is coming out of the TV. There is an "Audio Out" connection in the back of the TV, it's not orange color either (it's just black, but the cord still seems to fit) and I get no sound from the soundbar even though they're connected. Is there a compatibility issue there or do i need to get some sort of converter for the cord to make it fit perfectly in the back of the TV?

    INFO: PS4 is connected to HDMI 1, XBox One is on HDMI 2, DirecTV is on HDMI 3. Vizio soundbar is connected to the Audio Out as well.

    Sorry if the questions come across as amatuer, but that's exactly what I am in this game. I'm just trying to utilize my TV's capabilities! Any and all help would be appreciated.

    Thank you so much for listening to me and I will be looking forward to your replies!