Samsung 40 inch 4k hdr tv

  • Does anyone know if samsung are bringing out a 40 inch 4k hdr tv this year thanks.

  • Hello Ashepherd, For 2015 4K Samsung HDR TVs, the closest models to what you're looking for would be the JS9000 and JS8500 in the 48 inch range. These are both HDR-capable models of the SUHD line. However, for 2016 we can likely expect something similar to emerge and possibly will see a much smaller 43 inch HDR model, though I can't name any specific TVs at the moment. What I can tell you right now is that HDR will become and increasingly standard feature of all new 4K TVs in this new year and as such will almost surely appear in a much wider range of models, some of them as small as 43 inches.

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