4K - A strange trivial Beauty !

  • I have a 42" Samsung Curved 1200 HERZ ( WOW , like paper it is ) since one year
    ( under 1000$ was it - good deal - thinking about a simple 4K decoder ( VU ) costs half
    and probably/ not sure without H265 codex ) )

    I'm** totally flabbergasted** of any good broadcast specially when time relapsed, slow motion

    I discovered in my mind the tendency, the need to push 'pause' all the time
    to admire an image which is to fabulous to just let pass

    The triviality is that I have almost no need to buy (f.i.) the new StarWars
    because I can only do One thing at the time
    I always must choose between : following the story-line and the movie
    again seeing a beautiful image, then pause it or very slow motion let-Go

    One, . . . or the other

    I call it : 4K Mind Split Effect !

    I m not sure I m clear here, but if you crap my thought , tell your own idea about it

    Yesterday I wrote Samsung Support
    to add SLOW MOTION 1/2/4/8 to their software because now I cannot do it by paying from the CONTENTS folder and have to create a DVD and then play it in the Blue Ray

    Please advise me if you know a faster way to have it my way
    Blessings to all of you who -like myself-, don't need vacations anymore
    4K is more beautiful than reality
    Happy 2016

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