texture pop up while gaming at 4k-4k newbie

  • I recently purchased a Philips 40' 4k monitor for my gaming rig, and so far i've been totally blown away. I unfortunately had to return it last week due to terrible screen uniformity issues and i'll be receiving my new one on Monday, but i'm getting off topic here.

    I was in awe at how amazing Star Wars Battlefront looked on this screen. I couldn't take my eyes off it, but textures were constantly popping up and it really started to annoy me. I assumed that these graphical bugs were the fault of EA and Dice, until I hooked my computer up to my Samsung 1080p tv while waiting for my new monitor.

    At ultra settings on a 1080p tv, I noticed almost none of the texture pop up I did while playing at 4k, high settings with ambient occlusion turned off. Is all this texture pop in at 4k due to the amount of power it takes to properly run a game at 4k? Are my settings at 4k too high? Is there another explanation I'm not considering?

    Any insight would be greatly appreciated, this is driving me nuts!


    My rig
    gtx 980 ti 6gb
    corsair 32 gb ddr3 ram
    i7 4790k 4 ghz cpu

  • I had problems with Ph too because there was no H265 codex
    so I couldn't watch the ULTRAHD DEMOS from Satellite
    and my distributor in France ( Boulanger )
    just allowed me to trade for magnificent Samsung Curved
    with a heavenly screen like paper
    1200 Herz - I can go at 25 cm from it and still no migraine or what

    I consider this 4K TV : Heaven on Earth ( have no shares, but should :) )

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