Samsung or LG which 40-43" 4KHD TV best picture?

  • First time post and look forward to any help I can receive. Due to space restrictions, I need to find a UHD or SUHD tv that provides the best possible picture in a 40 to 43 inch size. Looking to spend less than $1800. I have a smart 3D Samsung HD 40" model and absolutely love it, the picture is amazing, but would like to upgrade to 4K. Heard some very interesting things about HDR , nano-crystals and OLED screens. Have also been hearing alot about LG 4K TV's ,but for a novice it's a bit intimidating. Would like to know peoples opinions as to which 4K has the best picture and why. Thanks again for input and opinions and Happy New Year to all.

  • Hello SpartanLaw, Between LG and Samsung's 2015 LCD TVs, i'd absolutely recommend going with a Samsung model as a general rule. We're expecting much better from LG's 2016 non-OLED 4K TVs but their 2015 LCD models really dropped the ball on overall display quality and one of their few redeeming features was their superb WebOS 2.0 smart TV platform.

    That said, in terms of specific suggestions, I'd strongly recommend one of Samsung's smaller, mid-range SUHD TVs. They come with nano-crystal color enhancement, offer an excellent smart TV platform in the form of the Tizen OS and are great with upscaling, connectivity and general display specs. One particular model I'd recommend, though it isn't available in the 40 to 43 inch range is the SUHD JS8500. It offers pretty much everything you're looking for, comes with fantastic display specs and the smallest 48 inch model is retailing for less than $1500. Furthermore, it also comes with some of the latest display technologies like HDR and Samsung's version of quantum dot color enhancement, called "Nano-crystal color". This particular Samsung TV would be an excellent model for a more limited budget while still offering cutting edge display technologies and great to very decent specs for upscaling, color, contrast and motion blur control.

  • Hi StephanJ,
    Thanks for the information. The 48 model you suggested sounds perfect, unfortunately I only have a space of about 42 inches between windows and it's footprint would be too large. Again your help has enlightened me to more of what I find important and what I need to brush up on. Take care and thanks again for all your help.

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