Looking for recommendations for 4K TV in $1,300~1,700 Canadian price range pre-tax

  • I am looking for a TV for movies, and some video games with a similar budget of $1300-1700 in Canadian dollars pre-tax. The smart TV will also be used for Netflix and to watch other streaming services. I am comparing these two models and was looking for advice.
    1.LG 60 UF7300 ~ 1599
    2.Visio 60 C3 ~ $1400

    I am also open to other options in this price range. The room has a lot of natural light and you are sitting approximately 8 feet from the TV. This unit is too replace a Sony 50 In rear projection TV that is on it's last legs.


  • 1.LG 60 UF7300 ~ 1599
    2.Visio 60 C3 ~ $1400

    Hello Mabradner,

    Between the two. I'd choose the Vizio TV. The M-Series is generally an excellent line of 4K UHD TVs and the larger models are particularly good at what they do. Furthermore, they offer full-array LED backlighting. LG's UF7300 isn't a bad 4K TV but almost the entire LG non-OLED line seems to lag behind their Sony, Vizio, Samsung, Panasonic and even other brand counterparts as far as picture quality and contrast in particular are concerned. That said, LG's smart TV platform, webOS 2.0, is excellent but display quality is what makes a TV great, much more than its interactive features.

    These aside, I'd also recommend either the 55 or 60 inch Sony X810C 4K UHD TV. It truly excels at picture quality across the board and its contrast levels are particularly rich and detailed. Furthermore, I believe it falls into your price range.

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