Budget 2000-3000 USD

  • Hey Guys,

    Outstanding job with the website and all the reviews and replies. Keep up the good work.

    Before my brain literally blows out in one of this electronic store's floor or front of the monitor, I'd love to ask what 4K
    UHD TV should I get with budget of 2-3 K US. I'm loosing my mind by reading all the expert & consumer reviews
    all over the net.

    So basically I've had a Philips 40inches with full surround Ambilight for the last 10yrs and it's time to change.
    Still OK but way too small. I've been back & fort between LG,SONY & Samsung for past few days.

    In my opinion LG stands out, However not too friendly on the price tag. Yet again I'm between 55-65 inches. Which size do you recommend? I'd rather to buy a bigger size screen with quite reasonable price than smaller screen & higher price.although what do I know. That is why I'd really need your help.

    I'd definitely will use smart features and online applications such as Netflix or Amazon Prime, online browsing, playing Mkv files, streaming via Apple TV, etc etc.

    What do you recommend regarding my budget & personal preferences? 55 or 65 inches? Which Brand?
    Should I get 55 LG 9600 or go with 65 Sony like 850C or Samsung- Curved or Straight Display. regardless of design & beauty of course.

    what matters are Picture quality, user friendly and software platform.

    Any advice & suggestion would be truly appreciated.

    All my Best


  • Hey there Amir. I believe I already answered this same question in the comments but for the sake of completeness and information for other readers, here is my response again.

    I’ll be blunt and to the point. If you are willing to spend the money on it and don’t mind a 55 inch screen in place of a 65 inch LCD screen, then absolutely go for a TV in the LG OLED line. Sony’s, Samsung’s and Panasonic’s top-shelf and flagship 4K TVs are superb but their LCD/LED technology simply doesn’t compare to the quality of LG’s OLED 4K TVs in terms of purely excellent picture quality. The EG9600 was ranked by many professional reviewers (us included) as quite possibly the best 4K TV of 2015 and it remains superb. If you want an even better extra touch, go for one of LEG’s new OLED flat TVs like the 55EF9500, they’re also HDR-capable as a bonus!.

    Both the EG9600 and the EF9500 55 inch models are selling for right within the upper edge of your price range (applicable taxes in your area excluded)

    Our reviews of both:
    EF9500: http://4k.com/tv/a-review-of-the-lg-ef9500-4k-oled-tv-65ef9500-55ef9500/
    EG9600: http://4k.com/tv/review-lg-eg9600-4k-ultra-hd-3d-curved-smart-oled-tv-55eg9600-65eg9600/

    As a final bonus, LG’s OLED TVs come with the webOS 2.0 smart TV platform, which is arguably the best on the market for now.

    On the other hand, you should probably stay away from LG’s non-OLED 4K TVs. They are almost consistently inferior in their display performance to many great Samsung, Sony or other brand’s TVs at the same or similar prices.

    If however you do want 10 more inches of screen size instead of the exquisite quality of OLED, I’d recommend one of the top shelf SUHD curved Samsung TVs like the JS9000 or Sony’s X850C model.

  • Dear Stephan,

    Many Thanks for your reply and knowledgeable guidance. I'd appreciate it.
    OLED EF9500 it is.

    All My Best

  • You can see what I wrote elsewhere today
    but did t tell when I decided
    I took the 42" of Samsung Curved
    simply because : One sees no pixels at all
    It's like analogue and so flabbergasting
    Sometimes I pause and admiring one image
    for 5 minutes
    I'v no words for this ULTRA stuff
    Can't imagine what 8, 16 and 32K would do with my mind

    Wish you good choices in 2016 <3

  • Hi Stephan
    Has LG , Wen OS 2.0 maybe a pause function while displaying saved content
    Or even "save screen" > as an image7photo ??

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