Best 70 inch tv for watching movies?

  • I only really watch netflix and the occasional movie. Which TV do you guys recommend? Don't need it for gaming or sports or anything. Just really nice 70 inch tv for enjoyable movies?


  • Hello Peterlew. Most importantly, what sort of budget do you have in mind? If you're very flexible on how much you're willing to spend, then without a doubt I'd recommend a 70 inch Sony X930 or X940C model. They're some of the very best 2015 4K UHD LCD TVs and they will absolutely not disappoint you, particularly on sound quality and contrast. Next to them, i'd also place the SUHD JS9500 and JS9000 4K TVs from Samsung. Probably about as good as the Sony models but with a couple slightly lesser points. All of these TVs offer HDR support as well.

    If however you want to save a bit more money, then you might want to go for Sony's X850C, X810C or Samsung's JU6500 or JU7100 (though the latter is actually fairly pricey in the 70 inch model.

    Even more affordable are the Vizio M-Series TVs. The 70 inch model is retailing for $1,798.00 and offers some truly superb specs for general use. Its also by far the most affordable 4K TV with full-array LED back lighting you'll find among the major brands

    All of these will be superb for TV and movie watching and all offer some great upscaling, color and contrast.

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