Samsung JS8000 or the Sony X810C / X850C

  • Shopping around for 4k TVs and I am wondering which model is recommended. Budget is under $1500 for a 55 inch, and deciding between the SUHDs from Samsung - JS8000 or the Sony X810C or X850C. Is the JS8500 worth the extra $300 or so?

  • Hello Born-Ruff. The answer to this question is simple enough: Yes, the JS8500 is definitely the slightly more worthwhile deal, along with its cousin the JS8000 by a bit smaller margin. Both TVs, at least in our estimation, offer superior color and contrast performance to Sony's X810C and X850C, and both Samsung models have what we consider to be the slighlty faster smart TV platform. However, two things in which the Sony TVs are possibly better performers (at lest the X850C) are motion control (for smooth movement during action scenes) and upscaling of SD, 720p and Full HD content.

    To summarize, the two Sony models are also excellent TVs and the Sony X850C is a particularly solid performer but Samsung's two JS models are slightly better on the whole and the JS8500 is worth its higher price.

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