Hisense 4K 55H7B Black Friday sale at Walmart problem Deceptive Sales practice

  • I bought a 55H7B on Thanksgiving at Walmart for $448.00 with smart 4K UHD, 120Hz Native refresh rate. Sounds great right? The TV was just built in August of 2015 and I read that 2013 and early 2014 4K models had issues with older technology HDMI 2.0 that would not allow all formats of 4K content to be played. I called Hisense before purchasing the TV and they told me that issue was fixed a long time ago and would not be a problem today. That is not true. My TV came with 2 HDMI 1.4 ports and 2 HDMI 2.0 ports and when I tried to watch a 4K movie on Amazon they would not allow me to . They said I needed the HDCP 2.2 technology to get 4 K from them. Netflix will allow me to view 4K content for now but said that can change at any moment according to their contract. I have written Hisense and got an incident number with the recorded phone call of me asking them before the purchase if the TV had HDCP 2.2 in it. They ignore me. They won't even have a supervisor return my call or e-mail. They are still building obsolete TV's today. I wrote a review on Walmart.com and they deleted it. I answered questions about the TV and they deleted them as well. Now I know why they have so many 5 star ratings and everyone is so happy with their purchase. I will never read another one of their edited reviews or comments since they are cherry picked and delete anything negative even when truthful. The price was great and I was very happy with the 4K pictures on Netflix and You Tube but I am pretty sure they will pull the plug soon like Amazon did. A dirty little secret caused by piracy that nobody wants to talk about. A lot of people paid top dollar to get early 4K TVs and now need to replace them because the change to HDCP2.2 caused by pirates. I read about it here and called to check before buying and am considering taking them to court since the remote control has an Amazon button on it and it says 4K all over the box as well as AMAZON and they told me it would in fact play that Amazon 4K content on it. I see on Hisense's website they put on the spec sheet for their 65" 4K curved TV HDCP 2.2 and on the 55" it just says HDMI 4. They know they are still ripping people off and** I want people to be warned about the deceptive sales practices still going on in the 4K TV market at WALMART today.**

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