Samsung UN55JU6700 vs UN55HU7250

  • So torn between these two models. The 7250 is 300$ (canadian dollar) less expensive. Any opinion on the matter would help me greatly.


  • Hello there Aieden. First of all, apologies for the delayed reply. We've been a bit busy here.

    Now on to your question. The answer is actually pretty straightforward. I strongly suggest you go for the JU6700. It is the newer 4K TV and its overall performance is certainly superior to that of the HU7250, which is an older 2014 4K TV. Both deliver great brightness and about the same level of 4K crispness but the JU6700 is definitely the better performer in terms of two crucial specs. These are motion performance and contrast. It offers better motion blur and judder control while also delivering truly excellent dark tones which are rich. Also we aren't sure on this but I believe that the HU7250 doesn't come with Samsung's newer, better Tizen OS and instead features the older Smart Hub. The JU6700 does come with Tizen.

  • The HU7250 has a native refresh rate of 120hz and the JU6700 is 60 Hz. The HU7250 seems to be better no ?

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