Samsung UN65js900 vs Panasonic tc65cx850u

  • Greetings,
    I am looking to replace a 65" Panasonic VT30 plasma with a 65" 4k. Has anyone seen or compared a Panasonic tc-65cx850u next to a Samsung UN65JS9000? It seems Panasonic no longer has tv's placed in any big box stores so its difficult to compare.

  • Hello there Johnnyoz

    First of all, here are our reviews of both TVs and I hope they can be of some help:

    the Panasonic:

    the Samsung:

    As for a comparsion of quality, I can't say how they'd look side by side since we never got to see both TVs in action at the same time. However, We do know the JS9000 very well and can assert that it is a superb 4K UHD TV with HDR support and some spectacular quantum Dot color. On the other hand, the CX850U offers full array LED backlighting, also includes HDR support and delivers some spectacular colors as well.

    I'd argue that your best bet is to choose between the two based on price and ease of availability. If you can get the Samsung more easily, go for it, you almost certainly won't be disappointed (unless the specific unit you buy is defective) and if you can get the CX850U more easily, then by all means. If you can see the JS9000 in a showroom display and it looks great, buying it is probably a good choice if you're comparing between these two.

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