Samsung SUHD 558550 or LG EC9300

  • Samsung SUHD 55 8500 or LG EC9300 ?

    Which one?

    I will be making the purchase in the coming days...Black Friday/Best Buy
    Any help would be greatly appreciated.

  • Hello there Snkrsfx,

    This is a bit of a tough choice because both of these are superb 4K UHD TVs but I'd argue that your best bet in terms of pure picture quality is the LG EC9300. Nothing really beats OLED for display quality. The only problem with the LG model when compared to this JS8500 would be that the OLED from LG isn't quite as bright, so for viewing in a well lit room, the Samsung will do a better job.

    On the other hand, in terms of connectivity, excellent Smart TV features and picture quality, two are equally great, maybe the LG model's webOS 2.0 is a bit of a better smart TV platform but this is mostly subjective, Samsung's Tizen OS is also awesome.

  • Thank you very much for the reply/insight. As a direct result, I sprung for the Samsung 55JS8500SUHD. OMG, was that a great choice!!
    I am so happy with this tv. After some simple calibrating to my liking, I am so happy with my purchase. The Tizen OS had me at hello...I am not kidding. With regards to any tv OS that I have played with (with the exception of WebOS), they are horrible, but not the Tizen. They did a good all around job on this OS, and it is buttery smooth, most of the time. Don't get me wrong, it's still a tv OS, but a good one for what it is.
    The picture is nothing short of stunning. I have yet to see some of the shadowing, blooming and other things that some (very few) have complained about. Then again, I haven't critiqued the tv as some probably have and do, although I have been somewhat of hawk watching for imperfections. I have seen none on the level that would cause me to make a return/exchange. I love this tv, and at a bargain of 1499.99 (Best Buy).
    The sound of this tv is awesome, as well. There are probably some better sounds from other tv's, but the 8500 sounds great.
    All in all, I guess it's obvious that I love my Sammy. Kudos to for a quick and insightful reply. I am truly grateful. This site has a wealth of info for a would be 4K purchaser to make a reasonable, conscientious purchase on a 4K tv today. Thanks again!!!

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