Lacking UHD color on the Samsung 6400 Series Impact?

  • Any idea on the impact of the lack of UHD Color on the Samsung 6400 series when it comes to watching blu-ray and some gaming with a PC?

  • Hello there, to the best of our knowledge, Samsung's UHD Color is aimed mainly at 50/60P UHD (4:4:4 and 4:2:2) HDMI 2.0 sources of NATIVE 4K content so the lack of UHD Color might affect the quality of Blu-ray 4K content (when it comes out) but shouldn't be a big issue with conventional Full HD Blu-ray disc video. As for gaming, if you're using the 6400 for 4K gaming from your PC, it's presumably via HDMI 2.0 connectivity and UHD Color again won't have importance unless you've got your hands on a very modern, 4K-capable GPU like the GTX 980 Ti from NVIDIA, for example, which can connect via HDMI 2.0 cable to a TV.

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