GPUs for 4k Gaming

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    Trying to decide between the Fury X and the Titan Z for my next upcoming build. Looking to play Overwatch at 4k resolution and maybe a few others like GTA.

    Thoughts? Comparisons?

  • If you want to play your games, whichever ones they may be at 4K resolution and decent to good frame rates, then definitely the Titan Z from Nvidia. It is the more powerful, more 4K-oriented of the two GPU's. It is also more expensive and as an alternative we might suggest the Titan X or possibly the AMD 295x2 GPU. If you'd like to go with the Fury X and its more advanced, generally faster HBM processing architecture, then we'd recommend getting two of them for a crossfire configuration (but make sure that your motherboard supports this).

    The Fury X from AMD can of course perform adequately at 4K resolution gaming as a single GPU but it will sometimes dip down below decent frame rate levels. It is however a superb card for high frame rate HD gaming, 1440p gaming and in a more general sense for its superbly fast HBM memory architecture.

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